The Murray Story

Company Founder – Harley Murray started in the transportation business as a heavy equipment hauler in 1946.  He recognized the industry’s need for a rugged, light weight, high strength, low-bed trailer. When the trailer he required was not available in the commercial market, Murray set out to develop and build his own trailers.  Harley’s original trailer design received rave reviews from Northern California hauling operators; soon word spread nationwide.

Harley Murray’s innovative low-bed trailer was the first on the market and has set a high standard for the heavy equipment hauling trailer industry throughout the world. 

The Murray Fleet – Murray Trailers were and continue to be 3,000 to 4,000 lbs. lighter than comparable trailers. Patents on exclusive Murray design features include our detachable gooseneck and expandable running gear; currently there are additional patents on a variety of Murray models. We are proud of our superior line of production trailers, and the ability to customize designs to meet your specific requirements. Although many imitators have tried, Murray continues to lead the industry with our superior trailers and generations of valued customers.


Harley Murray, Inc. Today – With forty years of knowledge and expertise in the trailer manufacturing business, Doug Murray CEO/President continues his father’s legacy of progressive trailer design and heavy equipment hauling.  Doug has worked with many governmental agencies in an effort to promote laws and regulations that are beneficial to the trucking industry and public safety.  Because of the Murray reputation for quality and name recognition of our specialized product, our trailers continue to maintain their value even after years of use.  When you require the very best in the industry, it can only be a MURRAY TRAILER.

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